Admission Requirements "Live Art Forms"

Admission Requirements "Live Art Forms"

The following requirements are necessary for admission to the MA Live Art Forms program:
(1)    a first professional university degree at least at Bachelor level acquired in

  • an artistic or design course, especially in the visual or performing arts, at a university, art college, college of drama, music or film, technical college, university of applied sciences or equivalent institution of higher education, or
  • a course of study in the humanities, social sciences, political science, or natural sciences, with a standard period of study of at least eight semesters at a university, technical college, or equivalent institution of higher education.

In the case of previous studies, the commission may decide, in deviation from letter a), whether an application can be admitted, provided that the artistic aptitude and the presented master's project give reason to expect successful studies.

(2)   proof of language skills in English as a foreign language TOEFL IBT (internet-based test) with a score of 72 – 94) or Cambridge Certificate FCE (First Certificate in English), IELTS (5,0 – 6,5) or TELC English B2, TELC English B2 University 
German competence level A1 of the European Reference Framework to be submitted until start of studies and
(3)    successful completion of the qualifying examination
(4)    Applicants whose highest degree is BA level must also have at least one year of independent professional experience, which they will be asked to exemplify during the qualifying examination.



To study at the academy, you will need to meet the specified admission requirements. Your application must also include proof of your artistic and creative aptitude in the form of a portfolio and you must take part in an online interview. Applications must be uploaded by April 15th, 12:00 noon, to the online application portal, which will be activated at the start of the application phase on March 1st.
This year we will accept your portfolio and written application documents in digital form only.


=> online application tool 

For orientation, please take note of the Information for student applicants Master’s program Live Art Forms and Information for the digital application 2024/2025


Required documents

The following documents must be uploaded in English to the academy application portal by 12:00 noon on April 15th:


Information: You can only upload one single file in PDF format with a maximum of 12 MB per document type. Please name them according to the following scheme: document type _lastname.pdf (example: curriculum vitae_mustermann.pdf).

1 | letter of motivation, one page size DIN A4,
2 | description of the work project planned during the course of study and how it will be realized in terms of time and location, on a maximum of 2 pages size DIN A4,

3 | tabular curriculum vitae of no more than two pages size DIN A4, 

4 | portrait photo (optional),

5 | university degree diploma,

6 | proof of language skills in English as a foreign language (if already available) TOEFL IBT (internet-based test) with a score of 72 – 94 or Cambridge Certificate FCE (First Certificate in English), IELTS ( 5,0 – 6,5) or TELC English B2, TELC English B2 University 
German competence level A1 of the European Reference Framework to be submitted until start of studies and

7 | work samples of your own artistic work in the form of a digital portfolio with a maximum length of 40 pages, which can contain a maximum of 5 hyperlinks to time-based documentations of a maximum total length of 15 minutes and a maximum of 3 hyperlinks to web-based projects and apps, 

8 |  a written statement of authorship for all submitted work (you can find a corresponding form on our website)

9 | and in case your portfolio contains hyperlinks, a signed statement: "I certify that the artistic works viewable through the hyperlinks listed in the application were created prior to the submission deadline of April 15th 2024, 12:00 noon and will not be altered thereafter."

You can upload your documents to the application portal  by 12:00 on April 15th.


We regret that incomplete applications will not be considered.


Qualifying examinations

The qualifying examinations are a two-stage selection procedure for applicants to the master's program. After the portfolio review, selected applicants will receive an invitation for the online interview. The qualifying examinations are structured as follows 

1 | preselection round and portfolio review,
2 | oral examination.


1 | Applicants shall submit some works allowing an assessment of their artistic talent and aptitude in the preselection round for admission to the examination interview [see Application, Section 7 – Portfolio].

2 | Applicants who are assessed as being suitable on the basis of the work submitted for the preselection round shall be admitted to the oral examination. The interviews will be held in English. The date will be communicated via e-mail to applicants admitted to the examination.



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Application and Acceptance Process

How to apply at the AdBK Nürnberg


Depending on the subject you select, various admission requirements must be fulfilled, including an artistic-creative aptitude which you must demonstrate on the basis of your portfolio and in the aptitude test. An online application tool will be activated at the beginning of the application phase:

  • Master’s program Live Art Forms (March 1st - April 15 th, 12:00 noon).
  • Diploma Visual Arts and Art Education (March 15th - April 15 th, 12:00 noon).

The digital application should be a digitised portfolio with a physical form as a starting point, provided the original work was created in analogue form.

The online application portal will is opened applications. 


=> online application portal





  • Declaration form (Declaration that the submitted works have be produced unaided)




Students changing university

Transfer students in the Fine Arts and Gymnasium Art programs require the same qualifications as regular students. An application for a change of university is only possible if you are enrolled at a university of fine arts within Germany or the EU at the time of application and wish to continue your studies with us. If you have successfully completed the basic studies or a probationary period at a university of fine arts within Germany or the EU, you can be exempted from the oral examination upon application. The application deadlines in this case are January 15 (cut-off deadline) if you begin your studies in the following summer semester and May 15 (cut-off deadline) if you begin your studies in the following winter semester. If you are interested, please contact the Student Secretariat for further information and to clarify the details.


Visting students

Visiting students may only attend the life drawing course and art history lectures. In principle, visiting students require the same qualifications as regular students, but the academy is entitled to make exceptions in special cases. 



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