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The art history faculty courses are aimed at all academy students. Courses cover the history of pictorial arts from "Pictures before the Age of Art " (Hans Belting) to contemporary (art) attitudes and issues. Special emphasis is placed on modern, postwar and contemporary art. Cross-media courses explore art, past and present, both from a broader view and in-depth examination of individual works. Subjects include the production, function, creative, cultural, social, technical and historical reception dimensions of art. Courses not only aim to impart specialised and factual knowledge, but and more importantly, to develop a historical awareness, critical faculties and lucid reasoning skills. Regular courses are enhanced by special lectureships.


History of art for students of fine and applied arts

Students of fine and applied arts are welcome to attend all courses. They must attend at least two of four compulsory course options in art history to earn a certificate of completion. Courses aim to develop the student’s awareness of the historical relativity of their own art and the ability to perceive their own artistic stance and current discourse within a historical context.


Art history for art education students

Art history courses are key elements of the modular art education degree programme. Courses communicate fundamental knowledge of art history and a broader view of key relationships in the history of art and a deeper appreciation of more complex coherencies. Students are taught how to approach artworks with a sound knowledge of the historical context while promoting their analytical and interpretive skills.


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