Painting Technique Workshop

Fatma Güdü (Lehrbeauftragte)

Mirjam Fee Barsties, Kai Schmitzer, Guido Naujoks, Mörser, 2012

Werkstatt Maltechnik | Foto: Lukas Pürmayr

Werkstatt Maltechnik | Foto: Lukas Pürmayr

Werkstatt Maltechnik | Foto: Lukas Pürmayr

Werkstatt Maltechnik | Foto: Lukas Pürmayr

Werkstatt Maltechnik | Foto: Lukas Pürmayr

The painting technique workshop explores the essentials of painting. The fundamentals of mural and panel painting, gilding, glass painting and mosaics are taught so that students can develop an understanding of the key relationships in painting technique based on their own practice of the art. The selection of material is just as important as its treatment. The experience and insights of old and new masters are explored theoretically, applied in practice and approached experimentally. Having mastered technical structures, students can pursue their personal paths of artistic expression.

Students can attend painting technique, mosaics, glass painting or gilding courses to complement a basic knowledge of the chemical and physical properties of materials, thus acquiring technical know-how and exploring painting techniques in an experimental approach.




  • Mosaics: large selection of tesserae, mosaic pincers, trowels, sponges
  • Glass painting: coloured antique glass, lead cames, tin, edge sheet, kilns
  • Gilding: gold leaf, silver leaf, gilding tools for all types of gilding
  • Painting technique: pigments, binders, fillers, canvas, cotton, enamel paint, encaustic, tools and equipment


Course content

  • Mosaics: selection and processing of tesserae, fixing with acrylic binder, transfer to final substrate with cement, paper removal and grouting of the tesserae
  • Glass painting: glass cutting with glass cutters, joining glass pieces with lead cames, coating end pieces with tin, grouting, edge soldering
  • Gilding: sealing the substrate, application of chalk and poliment, wet and dry grinding, application of metal leaf, agate polishing, protective coating
  • Painting technique: materials science for substrates, making of various primers and paints from pigments and binders, stretching, coating and priming painting bases


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