Plaster Casting Workshop

Regine Herzog

Mirjam Fee Barsties, Kai Schmitzer, Guido Naujoks, Gabeln, 2012

Three-dimensional works based on casting and recasting processes are created in the plaster casting workshop. The workshop provides students with insights into plaster casting methods and demonstrates their wide application spectrum. Students learn the technical processes and their interaction with the special nature of materials as they create their own works. Drawing on the technical skills they have acquired, students can then design and produce their own creative works. Students learn plaster casting skills in the course of introductory sessions. Emphasis is placed on casting and reproduction techniques as found in traditional sculpture, object art and installations.




  • Pottery kiln


Course content


  • Casting of malleable clay, wax or plasticine models into solid plaster models
  • Production of multi-part plaster negative forms for ceramic reproductions
  • Production of flexible silicone moulds for castings in different materials like plaster, wax, chocolate, plastic, concrete etc.
  • Production of objects by applying plaster directly to wire frameworks, polystyrene cores etc.)
  • Lathing of round bodies in plaster based on templates
  • Coloured design by dying plaster with pigments or painting


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